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The Rise Of Kilifi County

The once quiet part of coastal Kenya, whose main economic activities were tourism and fishing is slowly gaining momentum and recognition in equal measure.  Home to some of the best beaches, tourist destinations and historical sites, Kilifi is slowly but steadily attracting major investments. The warm culture of the Swahili people and a relaxed atmosphere are inviting enough.

The county is on record as having been among the few counties to successfully manage covid-19 cases. Through the leadership of the governor, the county managed to declare itself a corona free zone by properly managing the first few cases. The launch of a modern referral hospital has also set Kilifi apart with the hope that majority of medical emergencies will be dealt with within the county as opposed to being transferred to Mombasa.

The Rise Of Kilifi County

Arguably the best alternative and affordable place to stay besides Mombasa in the coastal part of Kenya. Many middle class citizens have opted to invest and build homes in Kilifi owing to the favourable land prices, availability of raw materials and construction materials. The cost of land in Kilifi is nearly half that of Mombasa, making Kilifi a go-to-place for those looking for affordable yet comfortable living.

Changing lifestyles and focus on agribusiness have similarly contributed to the growth of the county. The establishment of a cashew nuts factory and revival of pineapple farming have largely impacted the uptake of agriculture in the county. The middle class citizens are now looking forward to having a home away from the busy city life where they can rear animals and maintain a small farm.

The Rise Of Kilifi County

Trade & Investment

Served by Vipingo Airstrip and by extension Malindi International airport, Kilifi is strategically located and accessible by both road and air making it easier for individuals residing in the county to conveniently and easily do business within and outside the borders of Kenya.

Smaller economic zones and emergence of cosmopolitan towns like the famous Mtwapa Town, have played a great deal in redefining trade and commerce in the county. The once sprawling villages with mud houses are being replaced with more permanent modern houses. Facilities that were once hard to come buy, are now moving closer to the locals.

It’s is in this respect that a number of multinationals have heavily invested in Kilifi, one of them being Centum Investment with it’s Vipingo Invest Park. Several other real estate projects are underway and are expected to boost Kilifi County’s infrastructure and demand for housing.

Invest with Us

African New Generation Developing Company and it’s partners are among private developers with a keen interest in Kilifi county, with a  flagship project in Kikambala dubbed “Beach Road Villas” nestled in Msumarini, Kikambala and another project dubbed “ Zuri Residence” in Vipingo yet to be launched, the companies are determined to give the county and a new look and introduce new opportunities to both locals and foreigners.

Beach road Villas is set to offer luxury lifestyle at affordable rates and within walking distance to the Kikambala beaches. Enjoying proximity to the famous Sultan Palace, Beach Road Villas is set to open up the are for more development and Investments. We are sure you would enjoy the variety of recreation activities including Snorkeling, boat rides and Golfing within Kilifi town and it’s environs.

Check out Euro Trust Real Estate Website and social media pages for more information and updates on the projects and many more to come.

The Rise Of Kilifi CountyThe Rise Of Kilifi CountyThe Rise Of Kilifi CountyThe Rise Of Kilifi CountyThe Rise Of Kilifi County (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)
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Author: John Dominic, Euro Trust Real Estate

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