*NEW* NAiROBi – Kitengela


Kitengela is a plain in Kenya, located south of capital Nairobi, it has for the past few years benefited from the rapid growth of Nairobi city, with middle-class Nairobians buying land and putting up their own houses in the area.
Kitengela town which is a hub in the sense that it’s at the center of a circle of rapidly expanding townships of Mlolongo, Athi River with Necessary amenities available, Organized security, Prime for settlement. This is a real potential in business growth, where value for your land will be appreciated in estate development investment. This is just proving of why your investment in Kitengela is always a good idea and venture as well.
*NEW* NAiROBi - Kitengela
Due to the rapid expansion of Nairobi city, and the development of government structures to the counties, people are now moving to the outskirts of Nairobi in search of cheaper land and a cleaner environment, in an effort to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. This has created a lot of investment opportunities for the following sectors in Kitengela;

*NEW* NAiROBi - Kitengela


  • 90 x Plots for residential houses.
  • Shopping mall.
  • 600 meters from main Namanga Road.
  • Road up to estate.

    Kitengela is the fastest growing area in Nairobi.


  •  ICT –in line with the vision 2030 the proposed Konza ICT city and Malili
    Town are only 13km from Kitengela, with planned direct roads
    (Konza-Lukenya, Konza-Kitengela, and Konza-Isinya-Maimahiu-Malili).
  • Real Estate Developers – over 50 new estates.
  • Horticulture – over 20 flower farms
  • Quality schools like Kitengela International Schools…. Medical – over 5 hospitals i.e.
    Aga khan hospital, Nairobi women hospital, Gertrude hospital just to mention a few.
  • Education – Universities; over ten (10) of them are based in Kitengela.
  • Industries – Many are moving to the EPZ site Kitengela due to services.

    PRICE PER 1/8 ac PLOT 2 M KSH

UP TO 10% OFF ON THE CONSTRUCTION OFFERED BY : African New Generation b.c.

*NEW* NAiROBi - Kitengela

  • Kitchen: We provide our house with a quality German kitchen equipped with a refrigerator / electric stove / dishwasher / microwave.
  • Laminate: Quality designer and decorative water proof laminate provides an alluring floor design. This is the modern laminate very honored in Europe. Laminate is installed in all living areas.
  • Floor: Quality tiles made according to European Quality laid down in all bathrooms and in the kitchen.
  • Entrance / interior doors: Quality designer doors made in Germany  offer ample security for your house.  They are made of steel, and are noise and weather tolerant. They come with a 5 year factory warranty.
  • Bathing Tub Equipment: Their bathrooms are fully equipped with quality bath amenities. All equipment and fixtures have quality control and are under warranty from the factory.
  • WC; All bathrooms will have a modern built-in wall toilet with a guarantee of 25 years for the technology. Warranty will be by the factory.
  • Windows: Double-glazed windows are noise and climate-proof. Made in Germany and have a 5 year warranty from the factory.
  • Wiring: Each house will be installed with quality lines and fuses to handle as much currency. They cone with one factory warranty of 5 years.
  • Water pipes: High Quality water pipes will be installed and have factory warranty of 30 years.
  • DIN: The houses  are being built by European engineers in accordance with DIN standard which ensures the quality and increase the value of the apartment. DIN Norm is one of the strictest standards in the world and is used even in Dubai / Singapore.

*NEW* NAiROBi - Kitengela
*NEW* NAiROBi - Kitengela

Starting price for a 3 bedroom bungalow 9 M KSH*


*NEW* NAiROBi - Kitengela


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