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Mombasa real estate (all coast)

In an ocean of commercial and domestic real estate across Kenya, the laid-back city of Mombasa stands an island. An idyllic Indian Ocean paradise, famous for water sports, great beaches, leisure resorts and hotels. Investing in Mombasa is a sure bet, more so investing in property.

Code-named “Zero Zero One” from its 001 county code after being recognized as a geographical devolved unit, Mombasa city lies in the coastal part of Kenya. Home to a multicultural society, the white and blue city of Kenya is the oldest and second-largest city of the country. As the most popular tourist destination in Kenya, Mombasa plays host to tourist attractions like Fort Jesus, Haller Park, Mombasa Marine National Park, among others.

Mombasa real estate (all coast)

To the south of Mombasa, is the south coast, better known for the world class beaches and resorts in Diani. Did you know that in 2018, Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa was voted as the best beach resort in Africa, with the white sandy Diani Beach recognized for the fifth year in a row as Africa’s leading beach destination by World Travel Awards? I thought you should know.

To the north of Mombasa, is the north coast, better known for its luxurious real estate properties. A true haven for any aspiring real estate agent in the world. Real estate property literally flies off the shelves in Kikambala and Vipingo. It is one of the most exciting places in Kenya, with historical and exotic attractions.

The predominantly tourist city of Mombasa has an extra-large port and an international airport , and is an important regional tourism and commercial center in East Africa. Dotted with several hotels and sandy beaches like the Pirates Public Beach, Nyali Beach and Mombasa Beach, the city has lived up to its tourism potential.

Mombasa real estate (all coast)

Until recently, the Mombasa real estate landscape was dominated by foreigners, with luxurious beach properties and apartments preferred by the rich and high income earners. This resulted in making the city quite expensive to live in, with most middle income earners shying away from the city.

The tides began changing and affordable apartments began sprouting attracting the middle class into the town, more so into the once Porsche suburbs like Nyali, Kizingo and Shanzu. This led to a rise in property players including real estate companies, housing agents and property related companies.

The Mombasa real estate landscape is a promising fortune, however, high land prices and costs of construction deter some property investors from investing especially in the prime locations. Nonetheless there are several houses for sale and land for sale in Mombasa. Both affordable homes and high end properties are available to the discretion of the buyer.

You can never go wrong when investing in real estate property in Mombasa. Talk to a real estate agent or company and discover the hidden gem that is Mombasa.

Mombasa real estate (all coast)Mombasa real estate (all coast)Mombasa real estate (all coast)Mombasa real estate (all coast)Mombasa real estate (all coast) (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)
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