We introduce to you our partner AFRICAN NEW GENERATION = ANG-b.c.

We from ANG-bc offer a full project management and client relationship service throughout the entire process, including design, planning permission, demolition, house erection (in a matter of days), interior fit-out and landscaping. We build according to the German standards, using modern high tech tools / materials

We build entirely to meet your specifications and requirements, from modern contemporary to classic traditional. You dream – we build. We focus on quality, innovation, the environment, but primarily on you – our customer! Why not take a look through our models to see why you should build with us.

ANG-bc one jump ahead


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”1″ gal_title=”BUNGALOW”]

A one-story house, cottage or cabin. Bungalows are generally small in terms of square footage, but it is not uncommon to see very large bungalows. Bungalows were originally designed to provide affordable, modern housing for the working class. Find facts below

American Bungalow Features:

  • One and a half stories

  • Most of the living spaces on the ground floor

  • Low-pitched roof and horizontal shape

  • Living room at the center

  • Connecting rooms without hallways

  • Efficient floor plan




[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”2″ gal_title=”CHALET HOUSE STYLE”]

Chalet Style modular homes combine a rustic feel with all the modern comforts modular building allows. Chalet modular homes are easily identifiable by their high, pointed roofs which are usually tilted at extreme angles.

Since Chalet style modular homes tend to be most at home in rural regions, they tend to be built in relative seclusion, allowing the floor plan to be set up so that the large windows can face whatever direction will let in the most direct sunlight or provide the best views.

American Bungalow Features:

Steeply pitched roof

Rectangular plans

Porches or galleries



[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”3″ gal_title=”BAUHAUS HOUSE STYLE”]

Generally, Bauhaus buildings have flat roofs, smooth façades, and cubic shapes. Colors are white, gray, beige, or black. Floor plans are open and furniture is functional. Popular construction methods of the time—steel-frame with glass curtain walls—were used for both residential and commercial architecture.

More than any architectural style, however, the Bauhaus Manifesto promoted principles of creative collaboration—planning, designing, drafting, and construction are tasks equal within the building collective.

Art and craft should have no difference.


[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”TOWNHOUSE HOUSE STYLE”]

Typically, Townhouse plans are upscale duplexes, row houses or other multi-family structures designed with a little more flair, fashion and style than common multi-family buildings. They are designed as single-family homes and connected to a similar house by a side wall. Often, Townhouse plans are built in densely populated areas where land is precious and housing is at a premium such as growing metropolitan areas. These special structures are designed to save space while still offering individual living units for families, couples or singles. Most townhouse plans are two or three levels and range in style, size and finished square footage. Duplex plans and Triplexes share some similar features with townhouse plans.


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