Beach Road Villas Christmas

Santa will be at Beach Road Villas Kikambala!

During the holiday season, many people find themselves dreaming of the perfect home to spend Christmas Holidays and vacations in. Whether it's a cozy cottage nestled in the mountains, a spacious mansion with room for all of your loved ones, or say a charming bungalow or maisonette at the Coast with proximity to the beach [...] Read More


Kenya is currently experiencing a surge in demand for property. Real estate, in Kenya, has over the years proven to be a worthy investment due to its high returns. Property value has been noted to appreciate in very short periods especially in urban set ups and developing towns ever since devolution took off. Areas that [...] Read More
First Time Home buyers

First Time Home buyers

Buying your first home is quite a challenging yet exciting time.  It is usually marred with intimidation, confusion and to some extent frustration. A lot of factors need to be considered at once.  The many processes and stages involved are most likely to raise some anxiety in you, for the simple reason that you may [...] Read More
Beautiful mombasa - Houses for sale

Mombasa real estate (all coast)

In an ocean of commercial and domestic real estate across Kenya, the laid-back city of Mombasa stands an island. An idyllic Indian Ocean paradise, famous for water sports, great beaches, leisure resorts and hotels. Investing in Mombasa is a sure bet, more so investing in property. Code-named “Zero Zero One” from its 001 county code [...] Read More
Plots Real Estate Kenya Mombasa

Sound real estate purchases in Mombasa

Say you take half a glass of hot water, follow it up with a glass of warm milk, gobble it up all together, then take like three tablespoons of sugar, munch it up and gobble it down, then take a teabag and choke it all down, then when everything is in your stomach, you jump [...] Read More
Why to invest in Kenya?

Why to invest in Kenya?

Kenya is one of the biggest countries in African continent. In spite of economic crisis impact during the last 15 years African economy had been rising 3-fold, and share of country in worldwide scope of direct foreign investments had been increasing 2-fold in recent 5 years. It means the increasing of foreign investors' interests and [...] Read More
Kilifi Kenya Eur Trust

The Rise Of Kilifi County

The once quiet part of coastal Kenya, whose main economic activities were tourism and fishing is slowly gaining momentum and recognition in equal measure.  Home to some of the best beaches, tourist destinations and historical sites, Kilifi is slowly but steadily attracting major investments. The warm culture of the Swahili people and a relaxed atmosphere [...] Read More
Property Registration Reforms in Kenya

Property Registration Reforms in Kenya

Land and property registration in Kenya is quite a tedious and time consuming process that has unfortunately hindered achievement of the affordable housing initiative. Compared to neighboring countries, the cost of property registration is relatively high in Kenya. Luckily, the government has stepped in with major changes targeted at the Ministry of Land and Physical […]

Read More
English Point Marina – a Gem in a Crown of Mombasa

English Point Marina – a Gem in a Crown of Mombasa

Mombasa is a city that amazes from the start even the most sophisticated tourists and investors. Due to its rapid development in the last decade, it is now considered to be among the most perspective African locations both for business, for private living and for tourism, of course. The gem in the crown of this [...] Read More
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